Brand Identity

Your brand is your promise. The symbol of how people think and feel about you and your business. It is more than a logo or slogan – it is the core message of why you exist.

Does your business have a clear and compelling identity for its brand?

Do your potential customers and clients know and understand what you do?

A brand identity is the face of your business. It represents your company’s values, services, ideas and personality. It can generate loyalty and engagement from your clients and make your employees proud of the place they work.

Brixen Creative crafts a strong identity that contributes to a coherent, consistent brand.

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Please note, this is just a small sample of our work.

Brixen Creative has designed nearly a 100 logos, crafted dozens of identities, in nearly every industry.
So if you’re looking for something in particular, lets talk.

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Let’s discuss your needs, whether it’s a new brand identity, marketing goal, advertising campaign, revamping your website or an evaluation of your current face to the pubic. We can make it happen.

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