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Our first step is to form a team with our clients. As a part of such team, Brixen Creative innovates, directs, and implements brand strategies that effectively promote the values, benefits and strengths of our clients. Whether, it’s a new logo, refreshing an old identity, marketing collateral, advertising in print or digital, website design and functionality we work in ensure that the face and messaging of your business is on brand and is part of your mission statement and goal.

Logo Identity: A logo identity is the face of your business. It represents your company’s values, services, ideas and personality. It can generate loyalty and engagement from your clients and make your employees proud of the place they work.

Product Packaging: The goal of any package design is to be unique and to differentiate yourself from competitors. A bottle or can label can be somewhat of white canvas for design. It’s a space for both art and communication with consumer, which can be used to tell the story of the brand. There’s a lot of ways this can be done, whether it’s through the typography or the color of the brand.

Marketing Collateral: We work to ensure that the face and messaging of your marketing collateral is on brand and a part of your mission statement. Creating consumer engagement that includes the strategic use of print, digital and social media.

Advertising Campaigns: Advertising today is harder than ever to pin down and stand out. We put together the strategy that best suits the clients needs and goals. Building a market plan and metrics to build an on-target message and concept that gets attention.

Website and Web Design: Web design has a significant impact on Web marketing efforts. Factors involved include: how visitors find the site (SEO), how long visitors use the site, how likely visitors are to return, and how often visitors buy, register and request additional information.

Our Latest Wine Industry Packaging Projects

The Center of All Things!

Omphalos Winery has just launched their new wines and their new product packaging of three wines.

The ancient Greeks believed the Earth’s epicenter was found at the merging point of two soaring eagles, dispatched by Zeus from opposite ends of the world. There, the sacred Omphalos Stone was laid to mark the center of all things. At Omphalos Winery, they celebrate the convergence of expertise and artistry in crafting extraordinary wine from the finest Arizonian grapes. Their wine is made to savor ─ and to embrace the passion that lies at the center of life itself.

Omphalos Winery full family of wines.

Turning Sunbeams and Starlight into Lovingly Handcrafted Wine.

1764 Vineyards just launched their new wines and their new product packaging of three wines.

1764 Vineyards, where they are exploring uncharted paths beyond limitations.  A growing percent of their grapes are harvested on their vineyard nestled at the base of the Cochise Stronghold mountain range in the cool climes of Pearce, Arizona. With uncompromising passion and defiance, they’re on a mission to turn sunbeams and starlight into lovingly
handcrafted wine.

1764 Vineyards just launched their new wines and their new product packaging of three wines.

Wine and Beer Industry Logo Identities

Brand Identity for an Award Winning Arizona Vineyard in Cochise County Arizona

Wine Industry Clothing Apparel: Design and Advertising

Clothing apparel is one of the best ways to building a brand and advertise your business. The clothes we wear send a message about who we are, what we want, and how we choose to be perceived. 

Wine Bottle Packaging

Because people judge books by their covers, all the time. The story of your wine is told, in part long before the first sip or glass.


What story do you want to tell your customers?

Wine Industry Marketing

Wine & Beer Industry Advertising

Despite the success of your wine, tasting room or winery, building a wine or beer brand isn’t easy.
Let Brixen Creative uncorked this potential.

Does your business have a clear and compelling advertising message for its brand?

Do your potential customers and clients know and understand the type of wines or beers and experience you offer?

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